Van Ruiten Food offers a wide assortment of pre-cooked meat products. These products are suitable for application in readymade meals- and salads- as well as in food service.

Pre-cooked strips

Pre-cooked pork meat


Pre-cooked pork strips, dice and flakes. Contains 100% pork meat. 

Pre-cooked beef


Beef strips, flakes and dice, regular. 
Contains 100% beef. 

Pre-cooked poultry


Chicken strips, flakes and dice, regular.
Contains 100% chicken.
Also available; Turkey strips, flakes and dice.


Pre-cooked schnitzels

gegaarde schnitzel

Minute schnitzel

Pre-cooked breaded pork fillet schnitzel.
Contains c. 70% pork meat. 

gegaarde schnitzel

Wiener minute schnitzel

Pre-cooked Wiener breaded pork fillet schnitzel.
Contains c. 60% pork meat.


Pre-cooked bratwurst


Pre-cooked bratwurst regular

Pre-cooked pork bratwurst.
Contains ca. 94% pork meat.

bratwurst tuinkruiden

Pre-cooked bratwurst herbs

Spiced pre-cooked bratwurst.
Contains ca. 94% pork meat.


Pre-cooked bratwurst Provence

Pre-cooked bratwurst with Provence seasoning
Contains ca. 94% pork meat.


Pre-cooked meat balls


Meat balls with union

Pre-cooked meat balls with onion.
Contains ca. 67% pork and 23% beef.


Small meat balls

Pre-cooked meat balls from around 15 gram each.
Contains around 80% pork and 15% beef.


_MG_8225_zonder embeded

Pre-cooked chicken filet

Pre-cooked chicken filet with bar-marks.

_MG_8276_3 filet en parsley_9

Pre-cooked chicken filet Piri Piri

A pre-cooked chicken filet with spicy Piri Piri marinade.


Pre-cooked chicken pieces

Pre-cooked tender chicken pieces.

_MG_8250_yakatori sticks

Pre-cooked chicken yakitori skewers

Pre-cooked chicken skewers with yakitori marinade.