Our ready-to-cook products are high quality meat products that can be prepared quickly and without any processing.

All ready-to-cook product are frozen immediately after production on our IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) production line. Due to this IQF-process, the product keeps its original high quality and taste.

The complete ready-to-cook assortment is also available in chilled variant, for this option we have several consumer packages, for individual packaging available.

Some ready-to-cook products from our assortment.
Some ready-to-cook products from our assortment.

Consumer trends

The Van Ruiten Food ready-to-cook product assortment has a great variety of easy to prepare meat products. We are continually developing new products that fit the latest market developments and consumer trends. Due to many years of experience and know-how we are able to develop product that will meet specific customer needs.
Our collaboration within the supply chain has led to a more healthy product line, products to suit certain dietary needs and clean label products.